As more and more consumers embrace the “eat local” movement, the number of small, regional farmers and other food suppliers has grown exponentially in recent years. And while these businesses may be smaller in scale, the requirement that they process and handle their food according to the highest safety standards is no less important than it would be for a multinational, billion-dollar organization. Although some operations are small enough to fall outside of the auspices of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), there are many small to mid-sized companies that are expected to conform to the FSMA’s mandates.

Achieving this compliance can be challenging, as these organizations may not have the financial means to invest in the required training, education, and support. In a recent article, Food Safety News offers a thorough exploration of one avenue that these companies can explore in order to obtain the necessary funding: Federal grants. In the past seven years, the USDA has supplied over $1 billion in assistance and countless outreach activities to small-scale, local farmers, merchants, and food suppliers.

This article explains the goals of the Federal grant project, identifies the different types of food company that can apply for funding, and contains a clear summary of the different types of funding options that are available. To read the full article, click here.