As most of you know the President of the US signed the Food Safety modernization Act on January 04, 2011. The bill allows the government to mandate a recall of your manufactured goods. The current plan is to charge you fees to for subsequent audits to help in funding the law. Your company as a “Manufacturer of Food Items” could find that you are not only in trouble with the FDA but with your customers. Is your organization prepared?

Imagine that you are called upon for an audit and the inspector finds you in violation and mandates a recall; what are the implications? It is no longer just the footprint of the tainted goods that they may mandate be brought back but the reputation that you hold in the market for you and/or your customers, if you are a contract manufacturer. Your good name with the consumers could be tainted forever. So, you ask what you can do to lessen the burden of such an act.

You may want to look at bcFood, a complete ERP software solution that is designed to run your business; one that is built for “process manufacturers”. A software solution that has “out of the box” compliance built into it that allows for:

  1. Capturing real time data during the creating of a recipe, picking of inventory, staging and the production process.
  2. Tracking of expiration dates, shelf life guidelines, lot numbers, allergens and ingredients.
  3. Retention of your quality data, samples, and revision control for all of your recipes.
  4. Eliminating “back flushing”; considerably lowering the footprint of a recall, allowing for forward and backward traceability of all raw ingredients used in a particular batch.
  5. Most importantly, a software solution that would allow you to hand the auditor a report in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

We work with food companies like yours every day and have developed a complete solution that includes accounting, production, distribution, EDI, warehouse management and more; all from one provider. We provide for all of the needs of today while providing an upgrade path to address all of your growing needs of tomorrow. Please call (800) 456-8474 option 1 or email us, , if you are interested in discovering what bcFood can do for you.