As the US Food Safety Modernization Act continues to be implemented more than four years after it was written into law, many bakers do not currently meet its requirements, says one expert.

Speaking to, Karin Blacow, a food safety specialist at Commercial Food Sanitation, noted that while some bakers have instituted (or are in the process of instituting) proper safety protocols, there are plenty of others that have failed to make the necessary compliance changes. The reasons for this can range from the cost of modernizing to the belief that these requirements are unnecessary. This is oftentimes due to the perception that an oven or a fryer acts as a “kill step,” effectively wiping out any bacteria that might be present on the product. While Blacow acknowledged that this is true to some extent, there are other points along a given production line at which goods can be exposed to contaminants.

For companies concerned about the cost of re-engineering an existing manufacturing environment in order to meet the new requirements, Blacow advised that investments be made in “baby steps,” noting that a series of small, incremental improvements is more realistic than attempting to start completely anew.

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