A component of bcERP, bcMobile significantly extends the value of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV warehouse management system (WMS) by providing shop and warehouse floor workers with mobility.

Warehouse and shop floor operations are critical for inventory-based organizations. Products and materials move in, through, and out of these areas all day long, providing numerous opportunities for errors and delays.

Accurate and efficient inventory processes affect business metrics such as number of orders shipped, order accuracy, inventory availability, customer satisfaction levels, product quality and product traceability. With the increasing complexity and competitiveness of the business environment, optimizing business processes to maintain margins as well as improve and protect profitability are keys to your business success.

bcMobile for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows workers in the warehouse and on the shop floor to execute inventory-related transactions in real time, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s powerful inventory functionality.


bcMobile enables a new level of automating daily warehouse and shop floor processes by trading old paper-based systems for mobile devices. Manual reconciliation of receipts against documents such as purchase orders and pick tickets are replaced with easy-to-use mobile units designed specifically for warehouse and shop floor environments.

  • Workers no longer need to go to a workstation or printer to retrieve orders and other paperwork
  • Picking is no longer a completely linear process, enabling employees to fulfill more orders per day
  • Workers can easily receive directions to the most optimal routes for put-away and picking tasks
  • Inventory-related transactions are captured where and when they occur

In addition to addressing a wide suite of warehouse activities, bcMobile offers support for manufacturing processes, further extending materials management best practices into other areas of the organization.

Resource Utilization

With bcMobile, asset utilization is increased through a more efficient use of warehouse equipment, as forklift and pallet jack operators are able to minimize travel time while maximizing the number of tasks performed in a day.

Inventory Management

bcMobile’s real-time inventory visibility enables:

  • Reduction in inventory carrying costs
  • Reduction in critical items going out of stock
  • Rapid replenishment of production lines and forward pick locations, reducing costly delays due to order processing and production line shutdowns

Solution Overview

bcMobile is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s standard warehouse, inventory, and manufacturing functionality. The following features are currently available:

  • Queries – Items, Lot Numbers, and License Plates
  • Physical and Cycle Counting
  • Warehouse Movements
  • Warehouse Receiving and Shipping
  • Put-Aways and Picks
  • Production Reporting – Output and Consumption

It is built on the .NET Compact Framework with a completely graphical user interface and takes full advantage of today’s mobile devices.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is accomplished by consuming Web Services:

The integration with NAV is real-time and utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies for mobility, eliminating the need for any third-party transaction staging servers.


After just a few months of working with bcMobile, you will wonder how you were able to operate without it in the past. bcMobile provides your workers with real-time visibility to inventory and orders, decreasing the time it takes to invoice and receive payments from customers and minimizing inventory cost. It extends mobile capabilities to workers in both manufacturing and warehouse operations and is completely scalable, enabling you to expand your business with ease.

bcMobile’s rapid deployment and minimal maintenance requirements over subsequent versions result in a product that is cost effective in both the long and short term, ensuring an immediate and lasting return on investment.


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 or later
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or later