Advanced Notifications

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A notification system refers to software that provides a means of delivering a message to a set of recipients. Recipients can be both internal employees or external parties such as customers or vendors. The complexity of the notification system may vary according to an organization’s needs. Notification systems constitute an important aspect of modern software applications.

bcFood’s notification system sends alerts and messages to recipients in a variety of ways, including pop-up warnings and confirmations, e-mail, and standard Dynamics notifications.

bcFood notifications

bcFood’s Advanced Notifications Feature

Create your own e-mail and message templates using bcFood’s advanced notification functionality. Be it an e-mail providing a customer with shipment details or an internal message alerting users to important information, advanced notifications can be set up for all your business needs.

Multiple format options – use bcFood’s rich text editor to create messages with different fonts, styles, and formats, or design templates according to HTML to create truly dynamic e-mails.

Extract data from Dynamics – link notification templates to Dynamics tables and configure them to include any values from these tables, allowing messages to reference specific document numbers, item quantities, or dollar amounts.

Manual and automated creation – set up notifications to be manually created by users or define criteria that will allow the system to automatically generate messages and e-mails.

Usage scenario

Set up notification templates to trigger when Dynamics documents have incorrect or missing information, allowing users to catch errors before it’s too late.

erp advanced notifications screen shot
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