BarTender Integration

Design and print your labels in no time

The proper labeling of products is a critical step towards achieving safety, security, efficiency, and compliance within an organization. The information that is presented on every label guarantees that the right item is selected for the right task, and the embedding of that information into a barcode accelerates the speed at which data is captured.

Seagull Scientific’s BarTender application allows you to design and print barcodes, labels, cards, and RFID tags. BarTender makes it easy for your to design your own label templates, specifying what information is included and how it is displayed. Detailed history records and complete control over printing functions make BarTender a complete labeling solution.

bcFood’s out-of-the-box integration with BarTender allows you to handle all your label design and printing from within Dynamics. The data you record in your ERP system can be mapped and transmitted to your BarTender templates, ensuring that the correct information appears on every label.

Read more about BarTender on the Seagull Scientific website.

dynamics erp bcfood BarTender integration

BarTender Integration

Design and print your own barcode labels directly from Dynamics with bcFood’s integration to BarTender. By giving BarTender’s powerful capabilities a direct path to your Dynamics system, bcFood makes it easy to produce labels exactly how you wish.

Unlimited design options – use bcFood’s style sheet definition features to design labels in a variety of formats to accommodate certain variants, customer specifications, or country-specific shipping requirements.

Complete field mapping – add any field from Dynamics to your label templates, and use BarTender’s barcode wizard tools to quickly embed these values into barcodes.

A central point of management – print your labels directly from within Dynamics, allowing your users to remain in a single environment to perform all their tasks.

Usage scenario

Design case labels that contain information such as the item, lot number, and case weight, then embed this data into an easy-to-scan barcode.

dynamics erp bcfood BarTender screen shot