Our customers are finding success through collaboration

Our Customers

Finding success through collaboration

bcFood ERP customers

Over the years, we have developed collaborative relationships with organizations across the food industry.
Here are a few of the companies we are proud to call our customers.

Adams group logo

Adams group bcfood ERP film
Adams group bcfood ERP quote
Adams group bcFood ERP case study
Adams group bcFood ERP case study pdf
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Creminelli bcfood ERP film
Creminelli bcfood ERP quote
Creminelli bcFood ERP case study
Creminelli bcFood ERP case study pdf
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Cypress Grove bcFood ERP quote
Cypress Grove bcFood ERP Case study
Cypress Grove bcFood ERP case study pdf
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Jospeh Farms bcFood ERP film
Jospeh Farms bcFood ERP quote
Joseph Farms bcFood ERP case study
Joseph Farms bcFood ERP case study pdf
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Kermit Lynch bcFood ERP quote
Kermit Lynch bcFood ERP case study
Kermit Lynch bcFood ERP case study pdf
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Otis McAllister bcFood ERP quote
Otis McAllister bcFood ERP case study
Otis McAllister bcFood ERP case study pdf
Primex logo

Primex International bcFood ERP film
Primex bcFood ERP quote
Primex International bcFood ERP case study
Primex International bcFood ERP case study pdf
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SunWest Foods bcFood ERP film
SunWest Foods bcFood ERP quote
SunWest Foods bcFood ERP case study
SunWest Foods bcFood ERP case study pdf
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GA foods bcFood ERP quote
ProPortion Foods

ProPortion Foods bcFood ERP quote
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Rumiano Cheese bcFood ERP quote
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Adams Group logo


Adams Group

The Adams Group began its life as Adams Grain, an exporter of malt barley grown by the farmers of California’s Sacramento Valley in the 1920s. Today, Adams Grain continues to store and supply wheat, corn, safflower and other grains, and its state-of-the-art seed plant processes wheat and safflower. The company also serves as a distributor of corn, milo, soybean and cotton seed for other high-quality seed companies. Over the years, the organization has grown to the point where today Adams Grain is one piece of the larger Adams Group, which also includes the companies Adams Vegetable Oil, Adams Trucking, Adams Seed, and Adams Australia. Focusing on areas such as identity preservation, traceability, and logistics, Adams Group is driven by progressive thought and innovation.

Admas Group bcFood ERP case study film Adams Group bcFood ERP case study Adams Group bcFood ERP case study pdf

The user experience has been positive. They like the system, they like the environment they’re working in. The data they can get out so far has been good. They like the access to information that they’re getting.”


Lee Smith, General Manager, Adams Vegetable Oil.


Creminelli logo


Creminelli Fine Meats

For Cristiano Creminelli, pinpointing his family’s entry into salami processing and manufacturing is impossible, because it began before the advent of written records. When Christiano’s grandfather opened the family’s first salami factory in the Piedmont region of Italy in 1907, he was using salami-making recipes and techniques that he learned from his grandfather. Cristiano was raised in an environment that taught him a passion and appreciation for salami, and there was no doubt he would continue his family’s timeless tradition.

Creminelli bcFood ERP case study film Creminelli bcFood ERP case study Creminelli bcFood ERP case study pdf

[Beck Consulting] was super helpful because they were able to design the program around our needs. For us, bcFood was a ginormous improvement because it made our life a lot easier.”


Cristiano Creminelli, Master Artisan, Creminelli Fine Meats.


Cypress Grove logo


Cypress Grove

Founded in 1982, Cypress Grove is one of the most celebrated artisan goat cheese companies today. Their flagship product, Humboldt Fog, is a four time first-place winner from the American Cheese Society, and is joined by other award winners Truffle Tremor, Midnight Moon, and more. Cypress Grove’s 18 acre creamery in Arcata, California is supplemented by a 36 acre model dairy, which received a 100% “humane certified” score from the American Humane Association.

Cypress Grove bcFood ERP case study Cypress Grove bcFood ERP case study pdf

Dynamics NAV and bcFood are an unlimited system and can be configured to do anything we need. Beck Consulting has been a great technology partner. They are good at listening and communicating. Beck Consulting helped us evaluate our processes and configured NAV and bcFood to meet our requirements.”


Lynne Sandstrom, Finance Director.


Joseph Farms logo


Joseph Gallo Farms

Located in Atwater, California, Joseph Gallo Farms enjoys an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of all-natural, world-class cheese. Overseeing its own herd of cows that provide the finest Grade-A milk, Joseph Gallos Farms controls all parts of the cheese production process, resulting in award-winning jacks, cheddars, mozzarellas, and more. What started as a small family farm in 1946 has grown into an internationally-recognized brand, and Joseph Farms cheeses can be found in retail chains across the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, North Africa, and other emerging markets.

Joseph Farms bcFood ERP case study film Joseph Farms  bcFood ERP case study Joseph Farms bcFood ERP case study pdf

Working with Beck Consulting has been a pleasure. I think the most important part of our relationship is that they listen to our issues and work with us to build solutions that improve our employees’ work experience. By implementing several of their ‘bc’ products (bcMobile, bcFood, bcEDI, to name a few) the time it takes to perform tasks in our ERP system has been reduced, letting us focus on what we do best: making award-winning cheese.”


Pete Lundrigan, Director of IT and Automation.


Kermit Lynch logo


Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Since it was founded in 1972, Kermit Lynch has been dedicated to the retail, distribution, and import of the finest, hand-crafted, traditionally-made wines from France and Italy. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, with additional locations in France, Kermit Lynch boasts a devoted nationwide clientele of wine enthusiasts that closely follow their monthly wine newsletter. These customers purchase selections either directly from Kermit Lynch or from other nationwide merchants who buy their wines.

Kermit Lynch bcFood ERP case study Kermit Lycnh bcFood ERP case study pdf

Having the right technology is important, but at the end of the day having a partner who understands your business is critical.”


Tim O’Dea, CTO.


Otis McAllister logo


Otis McAllister

Otis McAllister, Inc. is one of the oldest and most widely-known companies dealing in the worldwide trade of food products. For more than 100 years, Otis has been a partner and distributor to such prominent brands as Martinelli’s, Sun Maid, Del Monte, and Blue Diamond. In addition to these outstanding partnerships, Otis has its own dominant brands in rice and canned goods, and is the largest importer of jasmine rice in the United States. Headquartered in San Francisco, Otis maintains offices in Bangkok, Caracas, Guatemala City, Guayaquil, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

Otis McAllister bcFood ERP case study Otis McAllister bcFood ERP case study pdf

Our partnership with Beck Consulting resulted in a more flexible and reliable ERP foundation for our company to grow on. Beck truly understands how an ERP system impacts all areas of the business.”


James Kochheiser, CIO.


Primex logo



Primex has been dedicated to the growing, processing, and distribution of high-quality California pistachios since 1989. Its growing and processing entity is Primex Farms, which supplements the pistachios it harvests from its own 7,400 acres with product from an additional 22,500 acres of contracted orchards. Every year, millions of pounds of nuts are processed in Primex’s state-of-the-art, 80 acre plant in Wasco, California. Once processing is complete, the nuts are shipped domestically and around the world by Primex’s sister company, Primex International Trading Corporation, which also distributes almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, peanuts, apricots, and figs.

Primex International bcFood ERP film Primex bcFood ERP quote Primex International bcFood ERP case study Primex International bcFood ERP case study pdf

Working with bcFood is great. We have been very fortunate to find a partner who knows the industry. Over the years, bcFood has grown and improved with the industry and technology. We are very fortunate to take advantage of all the latest features that Beck’s added to the product.”


Brian Tran, Trader.


SunWest Foods logo


SunWest Foods

SunWest Foods is the second largest marketer of Organic California rice. A diversified rice, wild rice, and nut marketing firm, SunWest purchases, markets, and processes rice and wild rice from over 300 farmers with 15% of the California rice production and over 40% of California’s wild rice production. Located in Biggs, California on 37 acres, SunWest’s processing and packaging facilities are technologically advanced, fully computerized, and highly efficient.

SunWest bcFood ERP case study film SunWest bcFood ERP case study SunWest bcFood ERP case study pdf

There is no rational reason to not upgrade yesterday. Once Microsoft Dynamics NAV was installed, we saw we should have done this five years ago.”


Jim Errecarte, President and CEO.


GA Foods logo


GA Foods

GA Food Service has been providing nutritious meal solutions to senior and child meal programs since it was incorporated in 1973. In addition to its products, GA Foods’s experienced staff works with its customers to build balanced, nutritious menus for their food programs. With six manufacturing facilities in Florida and Georgia, GA Foods provides daily deliveries to customers throughout the southeast United States, while its frozen offerings can be found in more than 40 states. GA Foods is also proud to provide meals to the military, as well as the front lines of disaster relief sites.

There is no doubt in my mind that after an exhaustive search, Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the best solution for us. There is also no doubt in my mind how lucky we were to have made the right decision in going with Beck over another NAV partner, as Beck really made the difference. NAV is a great platform that has a really strong core, but what separates it from other ERP systems in its class is its ability to be customized. The caveat here is that this ability only goes as far as the capabilities of your partner’s developers. That is where Beck is set apart. I had the notion when we chose Beck that they had the best ability to ensure NAV did what we needed NAV to do, and after launch I am only more convinced that any other NAV partner in the States would have fallen short of our goals…except Beck. We are very grateful for what our Beck team has done, and continues to do, for us!”


Andy Borgmann, Chief Technology Officer.


ProPortion Foods logo



ProPortion Foods has been providing prepared food items to its customers since it was created in 2009. ProPortion’s expert staff of culinary experts works alongside its customers to develop food options and menu selections, offering both retail and foodservice items such as fully cooked burgers, chicken, meatballs, and portion control steaks. From its two Los Angeles locations, ProPortion Foods delivers its delicious, wholesome meals across the country.

I am glad that we selected Beck as our partner. I find their team very capable, responsive, and fair. We look forward to a long relationship with Beck.”


Dayle Kanemaki, Controller and CFO.


Rumiano Cheese logo


Rumiano Cheese

Founded in 1919, Rumiano Cheese Company is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California. In addition to its company brand, Rumiano makes cheese for other private labels, provides co-packing services, and distributes over 300 styles of cheese from both domestic and international companies. Rumiano offers natural and organic cheeses to customers spanning the range of retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors, including U.S. Foodservice and Sysco.

My experience has been great and I look forward to working with Beck in the future.”


Tony Rumiano, CFO.


Over the last 10 years I have worked with many different VARs and different people including project managers, developers and solution architects and not one of them have provided the level of service, knowledge and hard work that we get our consultants at Beck. Beck is always willing to help, available within reason, knowledgeable and does a superb job at keeping track of all aspects of the project. I really enjoy working with Beck’s consultants and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”


Aaron Michaels, Information Technology Manager.