Countries of Origin

Buy and sell on an international scale

Country of Origin refers to an article or product’s country of manufacture, production, or growth. There are differing rules of origin under various national laws and international treaties, but at a general level it is important to record this information when items enter and leave inventory.

Country of origin labeling is also known as “place-based branding.” Place-based branding is not a recent development; archaeological evidence points to packaging dating back to some 4,000 years ago that includes information pertaining to the place of manufacture. Over time, informal labels evolved into formal, regulated labels providing consumers with information about product quality, manufacturer name, and place of origin.

A given item’s country of origin can make it more or less desirable, an attitude known as “nationality bias.” In some areas, products from a particular region or area is perceived as being a better quality product. This is very common, for example, when looking at wine, which takes the country of origin concept to a whole new level by identifying products by specific terroir or appellation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, products from certain countries may be less desirable, either to perceived quality issues or for ethical reasons (the refusal to buy and sell conflict diamonds being a prime example).

With bcFood, you can track the country of origin for the items that pass in and out of inventory.

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Countries of Origin

For companies that buy and sell products on an international scale, bcFood lets you track the country of origin for the items that pass in and out of inventory. Assigned to individual lot records, this country of origin information is maintained as the item is moved, shipped, and even consumed in production activities.

Multiple countries per lot – record unlimited countries of origin against a lot, allowing you to accurately reflect a product’s journey through multiple countries.

Country prioritization – define preferred countries of origin for item records so that your users can make the right decision when given the choice of purchasing a product from multiple points of origin.

Restriction management – set up country of origin restrictions for your customers and vendors, preventing the shipment or receipt of products from certain countries to the designated parties.

Usage scenario

Record the country of origin for your internationally purchased products, then use restrictions to prevent you from selling them to customers who will not accept them for financial, ideological, or other reasons.

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