Crop Years

Bringing the time of harvest to ERP

Crop Year refers to the year in which a grain or other agricultural commodity was harvested. This information is important to companies that deal with such products, as conditions in a given year can impact the quality and desirability of a particular crop.

bcFood’s Crop Year functionality brings this insight to your ERP system by making it possible to specify crop years at the item lot level.

dynamics erp crop years feature

Crop Years

If you receive, sell, or process agricultural commodities, you know the importance of properly identifying the crop year for your products. bcFood contains the functionality to set up crop year codes and assign these codes to your lot records, facilitating tracking and reporting activities.

Easy to assign and review – accessible directly from the Lot No. Information Card, crop year information is easy to assign to lot record, and can be included in standard Dynamics filters, allowing you to identify on hand product that falls within a particular growing period.

Mandatory requirements – make the assignment of crop years mandatory for all new lots of specific items, ensuring that this information is recorded consistently with each and every transaction.

Starting date definition – set up starting dates for each crop year code, then use this information to automatically assign the proper crop year to received commodities.

Usage scenario

Assign crop year codes to your lot records, then develop reports to indicate the percentage of a given crop year that is received, shipped, or consumed in processing activities.

dynamics erp crop years feature screen shot