Custom Cues

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A cue provides a visual representation of aggregated business data, such as the number of open sales invoices or item lots that are currently on QC hold. Cues are interactive, meaning that you can select a cue and drill down to the underlying records or documents that comprise a given cue’s parameters. From this list, you can open individual records as needed.

With bcFood’s Custom Cues, you can create your own cues for specific jobs and responsibilities, then add them to your users’ dashboards in Dynamics so that everyone has direct access to the data they need the most.

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bcFood’s Custom Cues Feature

Break free from the restrictions of the user profiles that are pre-loaded with Dynamics and create role centers that are unique to your needs by setting up custom cues with bcFood. Create visual indicators of business data to give your users quick and easy insight into outstanding tasks and transactions that require attention, all according to your exact criteria.

Cues across all business areas – use cues to create custom Role Centers for all areas of your business, including customer service, procurement, warehousing, and production.

Countless setup options – any filter you set up can be used as the basis for a custom cue. Cues can display specific transactions with different status settings, workflow stages, scheduled dates, dollar amounts, and more.

No development expertise required – all setup and configuration is performed by you, directly through the RoleTailored Client. There is no need for any sort of behind-the-scenes coding through the Dynamics development environment.

Usage scenario

Define different filters for open sales orders, sales orders that have been shipped but not invoiced, partially shipped sales orders, and sales orders that have missed their shipment dates, then present each one as a visual stack of data to users.

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