All the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Features Included in bcFood

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

All the features of Dynamics 365 are included in bcFood

bcFood dynamics ERP business central

business central iconA complete ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for mid-sized organizations with core business needs. Connecting your financials, sales, purchases, inventory, projects, services, and operations across a consistent, integrated user experience, Business Central streamlines business processes, improves customer interactions, and helps you make better decisions.

Business Central by the Numbers

More than 160,000 customers

More than 2.7 million users

More than 3,500 worldwide partners

Used in more than 195 countries

Business Central User Transition Offer

Upgrade now

and take full advantage of the Dynamics 365 Business Central three for one user transition ratio.

There is no better time to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV software to Microsoft’s next generation ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central. Every Full user on your existing NAV license will be converted to three Business Central on-premises users. This offer is only available to current NAV users; make the most of your existing ERP investment and upgrade today.

bcfood ERP financials

Increased financial control

A connected system

Business Central’s general ledger is the hub from which every other part of the software extends. Each sale, purchase, and inventory adjustment is recorded directly to the relevant G/L accounts, giving you a complete, up-to-date picture of your financials.

Full functionality

Business Central has everything you need to keep your financials compliant. Features such as general and recurring journals, source codes, budgets, multi-company consolidations, and financial forecasts are just some of the tools that are available.

Improve your decision making

Integrations to Excel and Power BI allow you to extract your essential business data into simple or complex reports and built-in dashboards. Your data will update in real-time, ensuring every decision is made with the most accurate information.

dynamics erp financial

dynamics erp supply chain

bcFood ERP distribution

Efficiency throughout the supply chain

Manage your inventory

With Business Central, you can set up your items with a variety of categories, attributes, and tracking requirements. Stocking values ensure that you never have to short ship a customer’s order or scale down a production activity due to insufficient materials.

Maintain relationships

Complex customer and vendor transactions are simplified in Business Central. Sales and purchase orders are quick and easy to enter, and a direct connection to your inventory results in instant updates to item availability as these transactions are processed.

Built for the warehouse

Business Central’s full warehouse management system gives you visibility to the precise physical location of each item in your inventory. Warehouse control documents allow you to easily pick, place, and move items into and out of your facilities.

bcFood ERP production

Simple yet powerful manufacturing

Standardized processes

Business Central brings structure to manufacturing with its bill of materials (BOM) feature. As templates for your production activities, BOMs ensure that every item you manufacture is produced according to a defined, consistent process.

Optimize your outputs

With direct ties to sales forecasts and inventory re-order points, Business Central makes sure you manufacture enough product to meet demand. Capacity planning tools allow you to create a production schedule that gets the most from your capabilities.

Stay supplied

Business Central takes the guesswork out of material requirements planning (MRP). The system uses current inventory levels, planned production, and pending purchases and sales to identify potential shortages, giving you the information you need to take action.

dynamics erp manufacturing

dynamics erp device independent

bcFood ERP general

A smart software solution

Simplify your software

Business Central’s full integration to Office 365 brings all your business tasks, data, and reports to a single environment. The days of changing between multiple applications are over; a single login each morning gives you everything you need for the rest of the day.

Grow with ease

Every aspect of Business Central, from its structure to its modules to its licensing, supports growth on your terms. Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business expands and the landscape changes.

Tomorrow’s technology, today

As a Microsoft product, Business Central will always be up-to-date. Advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, e-services, and Cloud computing are all present in Business Central, giving companies more and better ways to realize their full potential.

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