Enhanced Workflow

Standardizing business processes

A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity. This is typically depicted as a sequence of operations, although it can also be segmented as the work of a person, a group, or an organization of staff. From a more abstract or higher-level perspective, workflow may be considered a view or representation of real work. The “flow” being described may refer to a document, service, or responsibility that is being transferred from one step to another. Workflows are important in that they standardize business processes so that a given activity is carried out in an identical fashion, regardless of who is performing the task.

The Enhanced Workflow features in bcFood make it possible for you to ensure that business tasks are performed according to a desired order of operations in all scenarios.

ERP enhanced workflow

bcFood’s Enhanced Workflow Feature

bcFood’s enhanced workflow features go beyond the workflow functionality in the standard Dynamics product. Set up a desired order of operations for all scenarios and make sure that activities are performed according to defined procedures.

Situational-dependent – multiple workflows can be defined for same activity, but according to different criteria. Depending on which criteria exist for a given transaction, bcFood automatically presents the proper workflow, ensuring that the necessary steps are followed in any situation.

Extensive features – specify mandatory values that must be entered before a record can be moved to subsequent workflow stages, lock fields to prevent changes once the record enters a given status, identify necessary permissions to progress a transaction to different stages, and more.

Automated assignment – set up workflows to automatically advance an activity to a new stage when certain requirements are met, streamlining the process in situations where user oversight is unnecessary.

Usage scenario

Set up multiple sales order-based workflows that are triggered under certain criteria, resulting in a different sequence of stages when a sales order is created for a customer with a past due balance versus one that is current on its payments.

erp enhanced workflow screen shot