bcFood’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation Process

Our implementation
process is foolproof

We use an agile process built on
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dynamics 365 implementation

An Overview of Our Implementation Process

Project Approach

Getting your project off to the right start

dynamics 365 food implementation start
erp implementation kick-off meetings
Kick-off Meetings
Your bcFood implementation will begin with a kick-off meeting. In this meeting, the project team members will be introduced, project objectives will be identified, and we will talk about the processes needed to meet those objectives. We will review the calendar and then define a timeline for your project. We will also work to identify any project risks, as well as answer all your questions.
erp requirement analysis
Requirement Analysis and Definition
Your functional and non-functional requirements will be analyzed in detail for each operational area of your business, and we will confirm key pains, goals, and future visions. Your critical processes and workflows will be discussed, reviewed, and documented. Priorities will be established, and we will start the process of separating your implementation into multiple phases.
erp requirement definition
Enterprise Requirements Definition
Following the Requirements Analysis, we will author and present an Enterprise Requirements Definition (ERD) document. The ERD is the basis for how bcFood will be implemented from both a business process and systematic perspective. The ERD will be delivered to you for review. It is anticipated that the ERD will go though multiple revisions until we both agree upon its approach to your project.
erp implementation schedule
Once the ERD has been accepted, a project schedule is created. The schedule will visually identify required tasks, responsible parties, and critical milestones and dates. Known events, such as harvest, peak seasons, and trade shows, are incorporated into the schedule. With an agreed-upon ERD and a defined schedule in place, your bcFood implementation can commence.

Partnering with you to achieve success

dynamics erp implementation process
erp data migration
Data Migration
As part of our implementation process, we will provide you with the spreadsheet templates you need to migrate your legacy data to bcFood. Using these spreadsheets, your data can be quickly cleansed and any missing values can be supplied. Your can then import your data into your new bcFood environment.
erp software development
Software Development
Throughout your implementation, the required software enhancements, new functionality, document layouts, and reports will be developed according to the ERD. If necessary, prototyping sessions will be scheduled so that we can review development together and ensure that we are on the right track.
erp software deployment
Your bcFood software will be jointly implemented by us and you. Our methodology enables your key users to perform their regular jobs in addition to working on the project. Implementation tasks will include data migration, walkthroughs, workshops, testing, training, and mock go-lives.
erp implementation go-live
As with every other phase of your implementation, your go-live will be scheduled, with detailed steps and responsibilities known to everyone involved. And when the time comes, you won’t be alone. At least one member of our team will be present onsite to ensure a smooth process.
Post Go-Live

Maintaining a permanent relationship

erp implementation post go-live
erp solution support
During your implementation, you have our entire organization at your disposal; we see no reason why this should change once you are live with your bcFood solution. We do not require support contracts, and we do not hand you over to a separate support team a month after go-live.
dynamics erp solution enhancements
Additional Phases
We generally suggest a phased approach to implementations, with the most critical pieces of functionality going live in Phase 1 and subsequent features being deployed in later phases. Once you’re up and running and are comfortable working in bcFood, we’ll be ready to help you move on to the next phase.
dynamics erp training
Continued Training
We are committed to making certain that you unlock the full potential of your ERP system. Whether it’s a module you aren’t currently using or the discovery of a new or better way of accomplishing a task, we will continue to offer opportunities to become further educated on your software.
dynamics erp food solution updates
Updates and Upgrades
Updates to both Dynamics and bcFood are issued on a regular basis, and we will provide you with recommendations on whether they should be incorporated into your environment. And when the time comes for you to upgrade your software, we will ensure this process is as smooth as your initial implementation.