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Grower Accounting

Grower Accounting

Track growers, ranches, farms, fields, and blocks, along with related details such as acres, crop years, planting dates, harvest dates, and crop ­varieties. Define multiple payees for every grower, and process payments according to payment schedules that accommodate harvest advances and progress payments.

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Catch Weight

Catch Weight

Maintain your inventory records according to two units of measure, making it possible to capture the exact weights of your random weight items. Handle and process items according to one unit, but cost and price them by the other, allowing you to for example sell an item by the case, but price it by the pound.

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Commodity Receiving

Commodity Receiving

Create inbound receipts for your commodity inventory and include specific grower, ranch, farm, block, and associated contract values. Record weighmaster information, scale-in and scale-out weights, dates, and times, and use container tare weights to determine the true net weight of a given receipt.

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Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Identify the raw materials and ingredients that are used to ­produce your items by setting up recipe ­formulas. Define standard batch and lot sizes, as well as scrap percentages and other anticipated ­losses, allowing you to achieve greater accuracy in forecasting production output quantities.

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Lot traceability

Lot Traceability

Complete back to front traceability that can tell you exactly where your materials came from, how they were used in your facilities, and what was shipped to your customers. Segment customers related to a lot trace, granting you quick access to the people you need to contact in the event of a recall.

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QA quality assurance ERP

Quality Assurance

Set up quality tests, then build quality score sheets that address various areas of business. Record quality test results for characteristics such as moisture, color, size, temperature, and packaging integrity against item lots. bcFood automatically passes or fails these results based on predefined test targets.

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hold management

Hold Management

Establish hold reason codes, each with its own separate configuration that specifies what activities are and are not permitted. These codes are used to generate hold tags for lot records. Hold tags can be manually assigned by a user or automatically generated from defined settings.

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item allergens

Item Allergens

List the allergens that are present in your products, then assign them to your raw materials and manufactured items. Give your production scheduling personnel full visibility as to which upcoming activities will contain allergens, so that they may plan and schedule accordingly.

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mobile warehouse erp

Mobile Warehouse

Record inventory movements, picking activities, and production results in real-time with bcFood’s mobile warehouse solution. Using mobile handheld units with barcode scanning capabilities, you can gain complete control of your inventory and streamline your warehouse processes.
device independent erp

Device Independence

Simply put, you can access bcFood from anywhere. Install the client directly on your desktop or laptop, or use the more modern web client. Connect from your smartphones and tablets, allowing you to take advantage of tools such as built in cameras to attach pictures directly to records in your system.
ERP office integration

Office 365 Integration

Utilizing the same look and feel as Word, Excel, and Outlook, bcFood gives new users an immediate level of comfort with navigating and working within the system. Export records directly to Word and Excel, or integrate with Office to create bcFood records such as sales orders directly from e-mails in Outlook.
ERP customer portal

Customer / Partner Portal

Set up a portal for your customers, vendors, growers, and salespeople, allowing them to exchange data and documents with you. Users can log in and review the status of open orders, pending payments, and more, as well as print historical documents directly from within the portal.

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ERP real-time data
edi integration erp

EDI Integration

Integrate bcFood with our bcEDI solution to send and receive data according to the requirements of all major retailers, ensuring you stay compliant with your trading partners. Fully automate your transaction processes for a seamless data interchange that saves you time and eliminates data errors.

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global trade erp

Global Trade

Record international shipments in your bcFood solution. Create booking activities that maintain shipping containers and their contents, delivery schedules, completion dates, and more. Generate critical documents such as port schedules, customs documentation, and broker information from within the system.

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license plating erp

License Plating

Manage your warehouse with license plate records that represent pallets and their contents, including item number, lot information, and weight. Record movements, receipts, picks, and shipments at the pallet level, and output your manufactured items directly onto license plate records.

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scale integration erp

Scale Integration

Capture the scale-in and scale-out weights of trucks bringing product in and out of your locations, then transmit this data directly to Dynamics, ensuring reliable, error-free data that can be printed on weightmaster certificates. Nationally certified, bcFood’s scale integration is compliant in all 50 states.

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trade management erp

Trade Management

Track your multi-level promotions, rebates, broker commissions and payables, royalties, and bill-backs from within bcFood. Analysis and tracking tools make it easy for you to plan, implement, and report upon the overall effectiveness of your sales campaigns and promotions.

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shipping management erp

Shipping Management

Integrate your bcFood solution with a multi-carrier application and instantly process your shipments through more than 100 carriers worldwide, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. Go beyond basic warehouse capabilities when you pick and pack individual parcels, cartons, or pallets against every shipment.

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