Global Trade – International Trade Management Software

Global Trade

When customs, languages, time zones, and currencies are part of the deal.

Global Trade Management solutions streamline and automate processes related to customs and regulatory compliance and global logistics. These solutions facilitate the flow of information, money, and goods in global trade supply chains that include buyers, sellers, and intermediaries, including customs agencies, banks, and freight forwarders. Because of the lengthier shipping times that are a reality when looking at goods traveling on an international scale, an important part of any Global Trade Management solution is the ability to track the contents of shipping containers so that companies know the location of their products. Further complicating matters is the fact that there can be more than a dozen parties involved in a single international shipment. The laws governing global trade are numerous, highly complex, and ever-changing.

bcFood’s Global Trade Management features allow you to track your global shipments, as well as manage the numerous documents that are required for international trade.

dynamics erp global trade

bc Food’s Bookings & Container Tracking Feature

Track the shipment and receipt of products on an international scale by using bcFood’s global trade features. Create bookings to manage the movement of the shipping containers that carry your items around the world.

Rapid booking creation – build bookings and containers directly from sales and purchase orders and let bcFood automatically enter many of the values from these source documents.

Comprehensive global trade data – record shipping lines, vessel information, ports of loading and discharge, delivery schedules, completion dates, inspection status updates, and more on each international booking record.

Create unique container records – use bookings to track the movement of one or more shipping containers and their contents, and maintain container settings such as identification numbers, dimensions, capacities, and seals.

Usage scenario

Create booking records to manage the overseas shipment of product, and use the various information fields to record all necessary data to maintain compliance with international trade regulations.

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bcFood’s Required Documents Feature

With bcFood, you can create and manage the required regulatory and financial documents that are critical to shipping and receiving. Your customs forms, fumigation and pesticide certificates, bills of lading, GMO statements, and other documents can be tracked from within Dynamics, making it easy for you to stay on top of the paperwork that is needed to successfully complete every transaction.

Multiple formats – generate required documents from standard Dynamics reports or style sheets you define in bcFood, or import them from outside of your system.

Automate assignment with defaults – set up default countries and organizations that should receive each document type, along with the necessary contact information for specific recipients.

Tracked by booking – on every booking, gain quick insight into which required documents have been generated, and which still remain, ensuring that no transactions are completed until the proper documentation is present.

Usage scenario

Set up separate customs documents for the different formats used by each country, then link these documents to the related country codes so that the proper documentation is generated for a given shipment.