Grower Management

Maintain your grower relationships

For companies that process agricultural products, it is common to maintain relationships with multiple growers. Harvested product is purchased from each grower, and over the course of a growing season, a single processor will accept receipts from all the growers with which purchasing agreements have been established. For the purposes of traceability, information such as the specific ranch, field, and/or block for a given grower is recorded with every receipt of product.

bcFood allows you to set up all of the growers with whom you do business. Once your growers are defined, you can use these records in related features such as commodity contracts and receipts.

dynamics erp grower management

Grower Management

bcFood’s grower management and accounting tools allow you to manage the way in which you purchase and pay for commodities such as grains, milk, nuts, fruit, and beans. Stretching across all applicable areas of Dynamics, grower management allows you to process activities in a way that reflects the realities of your business.

Comprehensive grower setup – enter each grower in the system, with associated ranches, farms, fields, and blocks, making it simple to identify a given commodity’s point of origin.

Vendor integration – link grower records to vendors and take advantage of standard functionality, while still segregating growers from your other vendors for easy filtering and visibility.

Commodity items – define the commodities that you purchase from growers, including specific variants that represent different crop years or product varieties.

Usage scenario

Set up the growers you do business with, then identify the commodities, and specific varieties of these commodities, that you buy from each one.

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