Hold Management

Use only what you should

Hold Management is the segregating of items from use in different activities. Items can be placed on hold due to planned events such as quality testing, regular inspections, and sales negotiations, or unplanned scenarios such as contamination concerns. Depending on the reason for a hold, it may be permissible to use an item for certain activities, but not others.

bcFood’s Hold Management feature allows you to place your lots and pallets on hold, under different types of hold restriction that you define to meet your needs.

dynamics erp hold management

bcFood’s Hold Management Feature

With bcFood, you can put individual lots or pallets on hold, preventing them from being used in different transactions. Accommodate for planned scenarios like quality testing or regular inspections, as well as unplanned situations such as contamination concerns.

Configurable restrictions – define different hold codes, each with its own set of restrictions, making it possible to permit or restrict use on sales orders, internal movements, production activities, availability calculations, and more.

Manual and automatic assignment – set up each hold code for automatic assignment based on defined parameters, or indicate that it must be manually specified by your users..

Disposition management – release hold tags through the assignment of disposition codes that fully support comments, making it possible to include as much detail and information as necessary.


Usage scenario

Automatically place received inventory from new suppliers on QC hold so that it cannot be consumed in production until it has been tested and released.

dynamics erp hold management screen shot
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