Get up and running on an ERP solution in no time with the bcFood Starter Pack. And not just any solution – with the bcFood Starter Pack, you:

  • Have access to lot tracking features that will help you pass an audit
  • Achieve traceability and compliance
  • Gain control over and obtain insight into your finances
  • Manage finished good items and materials in a production environment
  • Gain a consistent view of your business, accessible from a variety of interfaces, including smartphones and tablets

The bcFood Starter Pack is more than just a software suite of functionality developed to address the specific demands of the food industry. It also includes implementation assistance for the key features necessary to run your day to day business, ensuring that you don’t have to go it alone. Below we present you with the core bcFood Starter Pack features that are included and implemented across each major business area. You can also expand these business areas to see the full functionality of your Starter Pack solution. Finally, we’ve highlighted a few additional modules that can be seamless integrated into your Starter Pack software, allowing you to get even more capability out of your ERP system.

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Starter Pack for Distribution

Contains all the core financial, supply chain, inventory, and warehouse features you need to effectively manage your business.

– Licensing starts at $100 monthly per named user*

– Year One implementation starts at $75,000

* License value based on an estimate of 5 Essential and 5 Team Users, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Starter Pack for Production

Contains all the functionality in the Starter Pack for Distribution, plus the manufacturing tools you need to plan, schedule, and report on production activities.

– Licensing starts at $125 monthly per named user*

– Year One implementation starts at $85,000

* License value based on an estimate of 5 Premium and 5 Team Users, hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Mobile Warehouse Add-On

Bring mobility to your warehouse with handheld barcode scanners that streamline your processes and increase accuracy.

– Licensing starts at $30 monthly per mobile device

– Year One implementation starts at $15,000

The Add-On is available for either option.

A Fully-Featured Product

Basic Inventory
Item Tracking (Lot & Serial)
Item Units of Measure & Weights
Country of Origin Tracking
Item Allergens

Shelf Life Management
Freshness Rules Management
Stock-keeping Units
Nonstock Items
Item Variants
Item Substitutions
Item Cross References
Item Budgets
Item Charges
Mutiple Locations
Location Transfers
Quality & Hold Management
Customer Specifications
QA/QC Questionnaires
QA/QC Worksheets
QA/QC Attributes
QA/QC Formula Engine
Hold Management
Hold Reasons
Hold Restrictions
Hold Tags & Disposition Management
(Not included in Starter Pack for Distribution)
Recipe/Formula Management
Batch, Process, & Packaging Orders
Co-Products & By-Products
Discrete Production Orders
Cost Allocation
Production Bill of Materials

Demand Forecasting
Capacity Planning
Assembly Management
MRP, MPS, & Supply Planning
Version Management
Agile Manufacturing
Work & Machine Centers
Finite Loading
Yield & Tolerance Management

Warehouse Receipt
Warehouse Shipment
Regular Pick & Put-Aways
FEFO Picking
Directed Pick & Put-Aways
Internal Pick & Put-Aways
Warehouse Movements
Cycle Counting
Lot Labeling

Electronic Commerce
Supply Chain
Shipment Planning
Truck Routes
Truck Loading Dock Scheduling & Capacity
Order Load Sequencing
Daily Shipment Overview
Daily Receipt Overview
Basic General Ledger/Chart of Accounts
Account Schedules
Bank Management
Check Writing
Landed Costs

Grower Accounting
Grower Management
Commodity Contracts
Commodity Receiving
Commodity Statements
Payees & Payment Schedules
Multiple Company Consolidation
XBLR Reporting
Cash Flow Forecast
Electronic Payments
Bank Reconcilation
Responsibility Centers
Inter-Company Postings
Cost Accounting
Accruals & Reconciliation/True-Up
Sales & Receivables
Basic Receivables
Parent/Child Customers
Customer Search
Sales Invoicing
Sales Order Management
Alternative Ship-To Addresses
Shipping Agents
Sales Line Discounting
Sales Line Pricing
Payment Center
Delivery Tolerances

Sales Quote Management
Sales Contract Management
Sales Blanket Order Management
Sales Invoice Discounts
Sales Return Order Management
Sales Tax
Order Promising
Campaign Pricing
Relationship Management
Contact Management
Contact Search
Task Management
Outlook Client Integration
Contact Classification
Campaign Management
Opportunity Management
Interaction Management
Mail Logging for MS Exchange
Purchases & Payables
Basic Payables
Vendor Search
Approved Vendors
Purchase Invoicing
Purchase Order Management

Purchase Quote Management
Purchase Contract Management
Purchase Blanket Order Management
Purchase Invoice Discounts
Requisition Management
Alternative Order Addresses
Purchase Return Order Management
Purchase Line Discounting
Purchase Line Pricing
Drop Shipments
Alternative Vendors
Market Price Tracking
Delivery Tolerances
Microsoft Office Integration
Document Management
SQL Server Reporting Services Integration
Report Designer (SQL Report Builder)
Dynamic Comments & Instructions
Data Change Log
Tablet & Smartphone Interface

Data Warehouse
Multiple Currencies & Languages
Advanced Notifications
Advanced Dimensions
Automated Job Queue/Scheduling
Analysis, Reporting, & Forecasting
Release Status & Workflow Management
Project Management & Jobs
Basic Resources
Capacity Management
Multiple Costs/Resource Costing & Pricing
Jobs Suite
Time Sheet
Customer Billing & WIP Calculation
Service Order Management
Service Price Management
Service Item Management
Service Contract Management
Planning & Dispatching
Basic HR

Additional Enhancements Available

Mobile Warehouse

Record inventory movements, picking activities, and production results in real-time with bcFood’s mobile warehouse solution. Using mobile handheld units with barcode scanning capabilities, you can gain complete control of your inventory and streamline your warehouse processes.

EDI Integration

Integrate bcFood with our bcEDI solution to send and receive data according to the requirements of all major retailers, ensuring you stay compliant with your trading partners. Fully automate your transaction processes for a seamless data interchange that saves you time and eliminates data errors.

Shipping Management

Integrate your bcFood solution with a multi-carrier application and instantly process your shipments through more than 100 carriers worldwide, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. Go beyond basic warehouse capabilities when you pick and pack individual parcels, cartons, or pallets against every shipment.

Trade Management

Track your multi-level promotions, rebates, broker commissions and payables, royalties, and bill-backs from within bcFood. Analysis and tracking tools make it easy for you to plan, implement, and report upon the overall effectiveness of your sales campaigns and promotions.


Catch Weight

Maintain your inventory records according to two units of measure, making it possible to capture the exact weights of your random weight items. Handle and process items according to one unit, but cost and price them by the other, allowing you to for example sell an item by the case, but price it by the pound.

License Plating

Manage your warehouse with license plate records that represent pallets and their contents, including item number, lot information, and weight. Record movements, receipts, picks, and shipments at the pallet level, and output your manufactured items directly onto license plate records.

Global Trade

Record international shipments in your bcFood solution. Create booking activities that maintain shipping containers and their contents, delivery schedules, completion dates, and more. Generate critical documents such as port schedules, customs documentation, and broker information from within the system.

Human Resources & Payroll

Efficiently manage your company’s human resources by organizing employee data according to experience, skills, education, and training. Keep track of job openings and related candidates, company items such as credit cards, computers, and cars, and employee absence information.