License Plating

Manage your pallets and containers

“License plating” refers to the assignment and tracking of inventory items that are stored together to facilitate movement into, out of, and throughout a warehouse location. The term “license plating” derives from the fact that organizations will oftentimes affix a unique identifying “license plate” to every containment/storage unit.

License plates can be defined for containers such as bins, totes, or railcars, but the most common example is the pallet. When cases or boxes of product are stacked onto a pallet, that pallet and its contents become a unique license plate record. Information about the contents, such as lot numbers and weights, is maintained at the license plate level.

Physically, the palletization of items expedites the movement of inventory within a warehouse – it is easier to move a pallet containing 50 cases of product between areas than 50 individual cases.

With bcFood, you can create new license plate records in a number of different ways, and quickly define each record’s contents.

dynamics erp food license plating

License Plating

Manage your warehouse with bcFood’s license plate records, which can be set up to represent your pallets, totes, bins, and other storage units, along with their contents. Store all of the item data at the license plate level, making the process of recording inventory movements considerably more efficient.

Streamline pallet movements – track multiple items, variants, lot numbers, serial numbers, and weights on a single license plate, simplifying the way in which you enter the movement of items in Dynamics.

Configurations and catalogs – set up multiple license plate configurations to reflect the different ways in which you stack and store your items, then create license plate catalogs to keep track of your customer and vendor’s preferred configurations.

Comprehensive management tools – bcFood’s license plate features allow you to build, transfer, count, merge, split, and break apart license plates with ease.

Usage scenario

Output finished product directly onto pallets, move these pallets into storage bins, then pick and ship them against a customer’s sales order.

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