Lot on Line

Simplified, streamlined data entry

A lot is a defined quantity of a thing used as a unit of inventory, output, sale, sampling, or transportation. Items within a lot have uniform quality and characteristics, and are produced under essentially the same conditions. A lot is ordered, sold, received, and moved in its entirety. To facilitate identification, each item lot is assigned a lot ID number. Lots enable you to monitor materials and identify items that become available or expire on particular dates.

bcFood’s Lot on Line functionality makes the assignment of item lots to transactions a breeze.

dynamics 365 lot on line feature

Lot on Line

bcFood’s lot on line functionality makes the assignment of item lots to transactions a breeze. While standard Dynamics forces your users to open a separate item tracking window to perform this task, bcFood allows you to specify lots directly on activity lines.

Systemwide convenience – bcFood’s lot on line feature has been added to any place where items can be entered. Sales, purchase, and transfer orders, production activities, warehouse documents, and item journals all benefit from this feature.

Manual or system-generated lots – manually key in lot values, or instruct the program to assign unique identification numbers to new lot records.

Automatic record creation – lots that are assigned on document lines are immediately entered into the system as new records, making it possible to record additional lot characteristics, perform quality testing, and place holds on product before it is received into your inventory.

Usage scenario

Assign lot numbers to items directly on document lines, then open the newly-created record and enter additional information about the lot.

dynamics 365 lot on line feature screen shot