Multi-Carrier Integration

More than 100 carriers worldwide, at your fingertips

A “Multi-Carrier Solution” is an application that allows you to create shipments and the associated labels for different shipping carriers. While everyone is familiar with large domestic carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service, a comprehensive multi-carrier solution will be compatible with the hundreds of carriers that do business throughout the world.

bcFood provides you with a seamless integration to our bcPacknShip solution, which in turn offers an integration to some of the most popular multi-carrier solutions on the market. The end result? You are able to export your Dynamics shipments directly to the multi-carrier solution of your choice; capture the necessary address, shipping, and weight details; and print up the appropriate labels, all while never leaving your ERP system.

Read more about bcPacknShip on the bcERP website.

dynamics 365 bcfood multi-carrier integration

Multi-Carrier Solution Integration

Expand upon your bcFood and Dynamics shipping capabilities with an integration to bcPacknShip, providing you with automated, streamlined shipping features. Create packages and manage their shipments from within Dynamics.

Better packing and shipping tools – pick, pack, and ship individual parcels, cartons, or pallets against sales orders and shipments in Dynamics, with each package having its own unique tracking data.

In touch with technology – deploy bcPacknShip alongside an EDI solution to submit advanced shipment notifications directly from Dynamics, or use integrated electronic scales to capture weight values on shipments.

Integrated carrier access – bcPacknShip combines with top multi-carrier solutions such as ShipRush, EasyPost, and GoShippo, giving you access to more than 100 carriers worldwide, directly from Dynamics.

Usage scenario

Create shipment-specific packages, then export this data to a common carrier and print the necessary UCC shipping labels, all from your Dynamics solution.

dynamics 365 bcfood multi-carrier integration screen shot