Order Quantity Change Tracking

Gain better insight into order adjustments

Order Quantity Change Tracking is an important tool when it comes to understanding why the quantity of product that is shipped or received is different from what was originally ordered. Understanding the cause of order quantity changes can lead to greater insight into an organization’s fulfillment capabilities. For example, indicating you short shipped a sales order due to not having enough inventory versus the customer adjusting their order to a lesser quantity can allow you to determine whether you need to increase production of certain items.

With bcFood, Order Quantity Change Tracking allows you to provide the reason for every quantity change on your sales and purchase orders.

dynamics erp order quantity change tracking

bcFood’s Order Quantity Change Tracking Feature

Bring control to your order entry processes with order quantity change tracking. Assign order quantity change codes to sales and purchase lines before making quantity adjustments, providing clear explanations for why any order quantities were modified.

Influence original quantities – configure order quantity change codes to ignore or replace original quantity values so that you can compare actual to expected order fulfilment when a true shortage exists.

Institute your policies – make order quantity change tracking a mandatory step when adjusting order quantities, and tie code assignment to user-specific permission sets.

Maintained in history – order quantity change data is stored long after the orders themselves are completed, making it simple to answer questions at a later time.

Usage scenario

Define multiple order quantity change tracking codes so that you can indicate when a quantity change is prompted by a specific customer request, insufficient on hand inventory, or a simple error in data entry.

dynamics erp order quantity change tracking screen shot
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