Processing, Batch, and Package Production

Meeting production needs across the food industry

Although many companies are classified as “food manufacturers,” this is a broad term that doesn’t take into account the very different processes that can occur depending on an organization’s particular focus. For example, the simple cutting and cleaning of fresh produce is very different than the batching together of different ingredients to create goods like cheese or prepared foods. Items are processed, cleaned, culled, washed, mixed, cooked, baked, frozen, preserved, and packaged, and every one of these activities has its own unique aspects.

With bcFood, you can set up different types of activities for the processing, batching, and packaging of your products, allowing you to execute production in a way that best fits your business.

dynamics erp bcfood processing, batch, and package production feature

Processing, Batch, and Package Production

bcFood extends the manufacturing capabilities of Dynamics with functionality that more accurately represents the type of production activities that are performed by food processers and manufacturers. Now you can create, plan, schedule, and report production against orders designed specifically to represent your processing, batching, and packaging procedures.

Unique production orders – starting with a standard production order template, create and maintain production orders that represent separate types of production activity.

Batch and lot production – create production orders according to defined batch or lot sizes, making it possible to plan for production that meets your equipment capacities.

Co-products/by-products – record multiple outputs per production activity, each with its own cost, accounting for scenarios in which a single process yields more than one product.

Usage scenario

Process fresh fruit, then batch the processed items with other ingredients as part of a recipe, and finally package the product into finished goods.

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