Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Ensure your products meet your standards

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are systems that work to eliminate mistakes and defects in manufactured products as well prevent products with defects from being released for use. Although the two terms are oftentimes used interchangeably, they do in fact have different meanings. Quality assurance is process-based and focuses on the prevention of quality and safety hazards. Quality control is product-based and focuses on identifying defects within those products. Both processes are critical in terms of maintaining standards and compliance.

bcFood’s QA/QC features make it possible to record all your quality testing results directly against the items lots in your ERP system.

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Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Ensure that all areas of your business are covered when it comes to instituting airtight control standards with bcFood’s quality assurance module. Record every quality testing activity that takes place in your company, and use this information to prevent bad product from entering or leaving your facilities or ensure that an item meets certain specifications before it is used.

Extensive test types – go beyond the basic definition of numeric, descriptive and yes/no categories with bcFood’s formula engine, which makes it possible to set up more advanced calculations and require that individual or entire groups of tests meet certain thresholds.

Tests for all scenarios – build QA score sheets for different areas of business, or even different scenarios within the same business area, so that the necessary tests are presented to users in any situation.

Maintained in history – test results are stored in the system as item or lot attributes, which can be automatically updated when re-testing occurs.

Usage scenario

Perform truck inspections with every inbound and outbound movement; set up your manufactured products go through a series of inspections at different points before they are ready to go out the door.

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