Recipe and Packaging BOMs

Separate your production from your packaging

A BOM (Bill of Materials) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture a product. A bill of materials is often tied to a production order whose issuance may generate reservations for components in the bill of materials that are in stock and requisitions for components that are not in stock.

Depending on a given a production process, it may be that the end product of one BOM is listed as a component in a separate one. A common scenario in which this occurs is the establishing of a BOM for an intermediate, or work-in-process (WIP) item. A separate BOM for that packaging of this item into a finished good is set up, with the intermediate that is outputted from the first BOM being consumed as a component in the second.

With bcFood, it is possible to set up different BOMs to reflect the different types of production activity that are performed by food processors and manufacturers.

dynamics erp recipe packaging bom

Recipe and Packaging BOMs

In a process manufacturing environment, it may be convenient to separate the production and packaging of a finished good item into different processes. bcFood expands upon the existing production functionality in Dynamics by giving you the ability to set up recipe and packaging bills of material (BOMs).

Separate BOM types – segregate the mixing, blending, and batching of raw materials into an WIP product with the packaging of that item into a finished good with dedicated bill of materials groupings.

Batch sizing – define recipes according to standard batch sizes, then enter materials as percentages of the total batch, making it easy to adjust and scale bills of material.

Yields, scrap, and loss factors – include expected yields, scrap amounts, and anticipated losses, achieving greater accuracy in determining production output quantities.

Usage scenario

Create a recipe BOM for a WIP item, then use that item in multiple packaging BOMs to represent different packaging configurations.

dynamics erp recipe bom screen shot