Route Planning

The world’s best route planning, directly within Dynamics

Route Optimization is the process of determining the most efficient route on which a vehicle can travel to get to a series of points. Although the distance between each point is important, it is not the only factor. Other considerations include the number of stops and turns along a given path, traffic conditions (which can vary based on time of day), and the availability of both drivers and vehicles in relation to the route’s starting point. As the number of vehicles in a scenario increases, so too does the complexity of the optimization. In fact, the optimization of routes for a fleet of vehicles is known as the “vehicle routing problem” (VRP), and has been studied and theorized upon by mathematicians and programmers throughout the academic world.

Antei’s Intelligent Route Planner (IRP) application brings award-winning route optimization to Dynamics. Utilizing record-breaking algorithms, IRP groups your shipments together and generates routes that allow you to make your deliveries in the most cost-effective manner possible.

If you maintain your own fleet of trucks, bcFood’s partnership with Antei will allow you to take advantage of what is truly the pre-eminent route planning tool today.

Read more about Intelligent Route Planner on Antei Computer’s website.

dynamics erp bcfood route planning integration

Route Planning

If you want to get the most out of your delivery vehicles, look no farther than bcFood’s integration with Antei’s award-winning route optimization tool, Intelligent Route Planner (IRP). Maintained entirely within Dynamics, IRP allows you to plan and monitor your vehicle usage, track your transportation costs, and set delivery routes according to the most advanced planning algorithm available today.

Online Mapping – automatically generate an optimized route based on delivery addresses using popular mapping services such as Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Capacity-Based Truck Loading – load your vehicles according to weight or volume capacities, eliminating the need to unload and re-arrange a vehicle’s contents due to being overburdened.

Accurate Cost Tracking – obtain a clear picture of delivery costs by recording the mileage and time for every trip, then tying this data to the associated vehicles and employees.

Usage scenario

Load your trucks according to the scheduled destinations for your outbound shipments, then build an optimized route based on the delivery addresses.

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