Scale Interface

Instant weight capture

When it comes to weighing transported products, there are three important weight values. The net weight refers to the weight of the product or item being moved. The tare weight is the weight of the container or vehicle itself. The gross weight is the sum of the net and tare weights.

To find the net weight of product moving in and out of inventory, it is necessary to perform two weighing activities against a truck. The weight of the full truck carrying product is captured to determine the gross weight, and tare weight is obtained by weighing the truck when it is empty. The order in which these activities occurs depends on whether the inventory is part of an inbound or outbound movement. Subtracting the tare weight from the gross weight will give you the net weight.

bcFood’s Scale Interface allows you to transmit this scale-in and scale-out data directly from an electronic scale to Dynamics.

dynamics 365 bcFood scale integration feature

Scale Interface

Capture the scale-in and scale-out weights of trucks bringing products in and out of your locations, then transmit these readings directly to bcFood, ensuring reliable, error-free data. Nationally certified, bcFood’s scale integration maintains compliance in all 50 states.

Minimal setup required – start collecting scale data with bcFood in no time after identifying the necessary scales within Dynamics and specifying a few default settings.

Weighmaster definition – set up your necessary weighmaster codes and tie them to default scales, ensuring that a user is extracting data from the proper device, and print the results of scale readings on compliant weighmaster certificates.

Weight review and correction options – scale readings are logged and accessible for easy review, and an easy-to-use reverse feature allows you to correct any inaccurate or improper readings.

Usage scenario

Transmit the scale-in weight of trucks bringing product into your warehouse to the associated receiving document in Dynamics, then obtain the scale-out weight to calculate the net weight of the product itself.

dynamics 365 bcFood scale integration feature screen shot