Shipping and Receiving Overviews

Streamlined views of relevant information

Planning and coordinating the shipment and receipt of materials is an important step in any logistics system. Outbound items need to be packaged, labeled, weighed, and shipped on schedule in order to meet promised delivery dates. The processing of inbound materials from vendors can be just as involved, as every receipt can include a comparison of bills of lading against actual merchandise received, an inspection for damaged goods, and the distribution of merchandise to the correct warehouse locations.

bcFood’s Shipping and Receiving Overviews give your personnel visibility to planned inbound and outbound activities, allowing for you to smoothly sequence shipments and receipts.

dynamics erp shipping receiving feature

Shipping & Receiving Overviews

Give your shipping and receiving personnel visibility to pending activities with bcFood’s receiving and shipping overview screens. Presenting only the information that is related to receiving and shipping, these streamlined views allow users to focus solely on the task of managing how items move in and out of your locations.

Detailed shipment information – obtain additional insight on outbound documents with detailed shipping views that display every document line, allowing you to filter and group pending shipment activity by a common item or item type.

Quick document creation – create individual shipments or receipts for entire orders, specific order lines, or groups of lines that span multiple orders.

Access to related documents – open any associated warehouse or picking documents directly from these overview screens to get an instant picture of what activities have been performed against a shipment or receipt, and what remains to be done.

Usage scenario

Sort pending sales orders by shipment date and determine which orders are scheduled to be shipped soon, and which ones will be handled later in the week or month.

dynamics erp shipping receiving screen shot