Trade Management

All your trade agreements, in one place

Trade Management is the handling of your trade agreements with customers and vendors. These agreements include variable prices, discounts, promotions, rebates, broker commissions and payables, royalties, and bill-backs. At times, a trade plan may be comprised of multiple levels, meaning that different rates can be offered if certain minimums are met. Depending on the nature of a particular agreement, rates can be calculated as a percentage of sales or profit, or determined on a per unit basis. Even here, there is room for variance, as “per unit” can refer to the number of physical units that are processed or the weight of these units. Agreements can be indefinite, or have a very specific time period, such as a seasonal promotion or a first year discount for new customers.

bcFood’s Trade Management module makes it possible to set up and manage all your pricing plans, markups, discounts, commissions, royalties, rebates, landed costs, and accruals from within Dynamics.

dynamics 365 ERP trade management

Advanced Price, Markup, and Discount Rules

In an industry where pricing can vary for different groups of customers and items, it can be difficult to keep track of all these arrangements. bcFood takes the complexity out of pricing, markup, and discount setup with simple trade management tools that allow you to quickly implement all your pricing structures.

Calculation hierarchies – create multi-level tiers that determine a given price, markup, or discount amount based on whether a document meets certain minimum thresholds.

Period-specific pricing – set up start and end dates for every trade rate so that future pricing can be entered and then automatically applied on the desired date.

Separate financials – direct trade plan revenues or deductions to dedicated G/L accounts, making it easy to include or omit specific revenue streams in analysis activities.

Usage scenario

Create markups for freight based on a shipment’s total weight, then post your freight revenue to its own account in the General Ledger.

dynamics 365 ERP trade rates screen shot

Commissions, Royalties, and Rebates

The trade management features in bcFood allow you to set up and calculate claim amounts for your commissions, royalty, and rebate programs. Using bcFood’s trade plan setup, you can accrue claims from transactions, then periodically pay them out to the recipients you identify.

Decide when to accrue – instruct bcFood to calculate claims based on shipment, invoicing, or payment activities, allowing you to determine exactly where in the sales process you wish to accrue these values.

Extensive calculation methods – calculate claims based on a percentage of a transaction’s price or profit, the number of units that were sold, or the weight of the product.

Comprehensive history – all claims are recorded as entries in a dedicated ledger, allowing you to maintain a complete historical activity of all accruals and claim payments.

Usage scenario

Set up commission plans for your salespeople based on the profitability of your paid customer invoices, then pay them out on a monthly basis.

dynamics 365 ERP trade management screen shot